finding love after 40

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Are you a Successful Single Career Woman

who sucks at the dating, relationship and marriage thing?

And who deeply wants to have a loving lasting relationship?

If you are like me, you’re wondering why you are a dynamo in your professional life, friendships, and other areas of your woman-300x261-sbslife…but you just cannot get it right when it comes to love, dating and intimate relationships…you have not achieved the same level of success in love, marriage, and relationships.   You’re thinking that finding love after 40 as a successful woman has been challenging and the men you’ve been attracting are Mr. Wrong…and so there really are no good men out there.

Dang it…you know how to achieve goals successfully…but in affairs of love, you’ve got some fear and have experienced heartache.


  • You’ve had breakups or
  • You wonder what’s wrong with you.
  • You are ready to share our life with that special someone
  • You are ready to have that relationship last.
  • You could be fearful of being hurt again.
  • You may be eager to find someone because you don’t like being alone.
  • You would like to be in a relationship but being single is easier than what it would take to find love.
  • You might even feel perfectly happy being single, but…

In your heart, deeply, you know your life would be even richer if you had someone to share those special moments with…and you want to share your life and success with your Mr. Great!

Finding Love After 40

There’s a reason why you haven’t met the right person yet

And it’s not just about “timing”, “bad luck”, or “destiny”!

You see, the systems and methods you have been using have been set up to work against you.  You’ve just been following what everyone else has been doing for years…and that just does not work.  You’ve just learned from systems and processes that fail.

Just take this one example:  we think that dating sites are there to help us find love, after all that’s what the advertisements promise, right?  More marriages than any other dating site.  Consider the possibility that dating sites are in business to keep you single…think about this for a minute…They only match you with 100% positive matches, like umm NEVAH!  If they did that, they would be out of business F.A.S.T.!   And matching services are a bit better, but they are very costly, and matchmakers of today want to mold you into Ms. Barbie or their only focus is on matching you, getting you married…but not focused on you having a long term, sustainable, and happy marriage.

I am certain you will attract Mr. Right by doing this program because I used it to find the love of my life…and I tell you exactly how and what I did to meet my Mr. Right from the inside out!

And there’s more…

You think there is something wrong with you because:

  • You’re are attracted to the wrong types of men…and so you believe there are no good men ‘out there’ but what’s really happening is that you’re unclear about the type of person who is truly a match for ‘who you  are
  • You view dating as a dreaded chore – it is hard work, takes too much time, and is not fun
  • You don’t walk away from the relationship soon enough resulting in heartache, financial ache, energy ache, rejection ache

All of this really sets you up for failure…and the…

Truth is…it is really simple to resolve!

Yep, I said it it’s simple…you know why?

Because you most likely already do everything that’s needed to sustain a healthy relationship at work and with your closest friends.  For some reason we just get really wonky headed and heart-ed when it comes to dating and intimate relationships.

~ You Can Achieve Your Goal of Finding Love After 40 or 50 ~

I’m Dr. Dar (Darshana Hawks), and I’ve made it my mission to help singles just like you learn how to Dr.Dar, Relationship Success Expertnot only date to find your life partner and soul mate but also be fully ready to be able to give and receive the loving relationship you crave.  I am here to cause great relationships.

Day in and day out, I work with smart, successful single women aged 40 or older, like you, to demystify the process of dating for the purpose of finding a life partner, sustaining and loving relationship and even get married.

And the first thing I have to say to you might surprise you:

You, like me, have been approaching dating the wrong way which is why you dislike the dating game so much. You have to be willing to unlearn what you know about dating and relationships!

You have to challenge the status quo!

Challenge all the advice and what you think you know, and start looking at this dating and love thing with different eyes, honor what works and doing what works, and what produces the results you want.  And I will be with you step by step to show you how.  I have to tell you that there are many positives to dating.  I also have to tell you that there is NO NORMAL when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage.  There is only a skill to learn, the purpose for your dating process, and look at selfthe system on how to do it to land the result you want.  That’s it!

But first things first!

  • You have to be clear as to why you are dating,
  • The dating process you are using and why,
  • Who you are individually and when you are in a relationship,
  • Know when to walk away from a dating relationship, in a firm, healthy, and confident way
  • Know when ‘he’ is the ONE, not based on falling in love or hormones or attraction, but based on solid and objective information

After all, you want to feel loved, accepted for who you are and to offer your affection and support to someone else, and receive the same.  And let’s face it, there are certain moments in life that are just more fun and more memorable when experienced with someone you love…so how about daring to be different and taking a proven path to creating your real life love story?

I invite you to stop doing what you’ve always done and invest in yourself today, like I did!

I’ve created something that’s really going to make finding love easy and help you find Mr. Right so you too can have a lasting, healthy, loving relationship.

It’s called the Fast Track to Stop Being Single course, and you’re invited to join!

Dare to be different.

Stop following the crowd and chart your own course in writing your real love story.

When you take this course, you will get your head, heart, and wisdom all aligned so that you start attracting Mr. Right.  You see, its all about the energy you’re putting out that creates the attraction energy, what you’re attracting in your life and when dating.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Clarity about who you are
  • Clarity about what you need in a relationship
  • Solid knowing about what you are willing to give and receive
  • Identify what your equal match really is like
  • Know exactly when to walk away
  • Discover the REAL reason you are single, you won’t believe the answer
  • Dating as a simple process that is fast and fun-Learn my 5 step dating method that makes going out on dates easy as eating a piece of pie
  • Feel really yummy good about yourself and your dating choices, because you no longer ‘FALL’ in love (falling hurts, every time!) and you CHOOSE love
  • Learn where and how to meet high quality men
  • Learn how to deliberately attract Mr. Right into your life
  • Learn about who you need to be to attract your Mr. Right
  • How your attitude makes or breaks your potential for success, no matter where you look for a partner
  • 5 key principles that will help you find your soul mate
  • 4 types of venues to meet great men and why you need to show up in all 4 to maximize your chances of meet your future mate
  • The specific social and dating skills you need for each type of venue
  • How to effectively apply the “Rule of Three” to engage and connect with a potential date
  • Why flirting skills are an essential part of every single’s tool kit
  • Know exactly who Mr. Right is so you recognize them when you meet them
  • Learn how you are sabotaging your own success by diving into unhealthy relationships
  • Lifetime Access to the course materials

And so much more!

You have 3 Ways to Participate

I know you are a very busy professional woman and don’t have much time to spend in taking months, even years to achieve your relationship goals. That’s why I have created 3 ways for you to play with us in your desire to Stop Being Single!

finding love after 40


Take a taste test with our free SILVER DIY program!

This is for you if you want a teaser taste with the first eight lessons of what you’ll learn in the Stop Being Single program before you make an investment in writing your real life love story.



For the do it yourself-er in you!

The GOLD Do It Yourself package is for ultra-busy women, like you, who want to work on their own in the privacy of their home, in their jammies, on their computer, and at their own pace.

This course includes all 50+ lessons you’ll need to create and write your own real life love story.  You also receive my bonus 4 Step Dating Success Formula!

Scroll down to see a sampling of the lessons that are included in the Gold and Platinum packages!



The whole enchilada and angelic support

The Platinum VIP program is for women who are ready to take the plunge, want the whole enchilada and special personalized support to include 8 hours with Dr. Dar.

Receive a jump start with everything that’s in the Silver and Gold packages plus eight private sessions with Dr. Dar to achieve success in your dating journey and quest to find your Mr. Right.


Here’s a sampling of the lessons you will receive in the Gold and Platinum Packages (the 1st eight lessons are included in the freebie version):

Start from the Bottom Up!


Success Against All Odds!!!

Here’s why I think I am uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goal of having a lasting, loving, and healthy relationship and perhaps even marriage!

  • I followed all the same advice, books, dating methods, family and friends influence, etc…resulting in 31 failed relationships…till I wrote my own love story by challenging the status-quo, the norms, and created my own program to find my soul mate
  • I failed miserably, over and over and over again
  • My heart was a broken mess
  • My head was even more messy…and yet
  • Within 6 weeks of creating my own program for myself – I manifested my husband 15 years ago, we’re still happily together…and we’ve truly have enjoyed our lives together immensely.

I then immersed myself in learning ways to deliver this to other Single Women, like you, including:

  • Ph.D in Metaphysics,
  • Human Design Certification to understand attraction, energetic(s)/electromagnetics (what attracts us and what repels us), love and relationships,
  • Human Behavior to understand what makes us choose what we choose in our lives,
  • Ontology to understand Humanity and Community,
  • Spirit in Business Certification to understand how and why we succeed in the work place but not at home,
  • Master Relationship (Singles and Couples) Coach Certification,
  • Team Dynamics to help couples learn ways to team in marriage and commitment
  • Psychology to learn how our brains and hormones work when dating and relationships,
  • Emotional Intelligence (and Multiple Intelligence Theory) to learn why I react and feel the way I feel,
  • Communication and Listening Training, because I believe 99% of a relationship will succeed or fail due to lack of communication or present listening.
  • And more…I keep expanding my knowledge and share it with you…

Remember:  I was single till the age of 34, had 31+ failed relationships, a messed up family life, a multi-cultural background and like you, felt like I had a Ph.D. in relationship failure…and I desperately wanted to find lasting love.  I already was a professional life coach and successful Portfolio Project Manager at a Fortune 500 company and became a Veep…but just sucked at the dating game to find my soul mate. I got tired of listening to friends, family, and other advice.  So I chose to do something different to produce the result I Dr. Dar and her Hubby, Chuck Hawkswanted…and I had to do my own work to create a relationship that works for me, that is unique to me.

I sat down, applied all that I had learned in the Corporate Space, combined it with coaching principles…and created this program for myself and for you!  And you know what, after 31 heartaches, 9,999 fears, a non-western family dynamic, and against all odds…I was able to succeed at last!  I ‘attracted’ my soul mate, Chuck, and we’re blissfully married, 15+ years later.

This program works, and I am living proof of it.  I STOPPED BEING SINGLE!  Here is a picture of us… proof that if this gal can do it, so can you!

Please don’t put off finding the love of your life any longer, you are much too special to wait and your partner is waiting for you on the other side!

Haven’t you waited long enough?

Women are RAVING about Stop Being Single!!!

headshot_starr OMG, this program helped me see where I was making mistakes in trying to find love.  Before taking the VIP program, I jumped into one relationship after another.  Now that Dr. Dar has educated me on why I was attracting Mr. Wrong, I have learned to change how I approach dating to find my life partner.  I learned that I would get into a relationship way too fast, before I had enough information and experience with the guy to determine whether or not he was a fit for me or not.  My heart is healed and I am so confident when I date now that the men that are more of a fit for me are attracted to me.  I now can choose who I want to date or whether I want to have a committed relationship based on facts and not the swirling emotions of my heart.  ~Starr CO

Kissing a Frog - He became my princeMy heart was beaten down to shreds when I met Dr. Dar.  Her compassionate way of listening to my painful stories helped me see that she could help me.  I wanted so desperately to be in love and in a relationship, that I would settle for men who did not appreciate me.  Now that I have taken the Gold program, I am very clear about my deal breakers, needs, and wants.  I used to give so much in relationships and became a doormat so much so that I did not realize I had needs and wants as well.  I feel so good now about dating.  I followed the advice in the Stop Being Single program.  I know I was able to meet a very special man who is a great match for me because of the course.  He loves, accepts, supports, and listens to me!  Our relationship is on equal ground and we are truly partners.  Thank you Stop Being Single and Dr. Dar!  ~Jenny WA

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Three Types of Love - Stop Being SingleI was the gal who just could not do without having a boyfriend.  I chased, courted, and did the asking out.  I remember pining over women who would get asked out and to skate at the skating rink by men that I wanted to have ask me.  And so, I continued my trail of tears and heartache 31 times…before I realized that I knew how to accomplish goals, I was successful at work, and dammit, I was a really good person.  I read a ton of relationship and psychology books…and then worked on my Self, my Mind, and My Heart.  I took out my notebook, created exercises for me to work through to get my Self, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Ideas about love, marriage, and relationships into alignment with what felt really good for me and what was sustainable for me.  Lo and behold, this diverse, multi-cultural, Westernized Indian Chick from Zambia found the love of her life in Charlotte (which I affectionately call Darlotte)…and Stop Being Single was born.  I wish you your hearts desires in life and love…and invite you to come play with me in the quest for finding your Mr. Right.  ~Dr. Dar, NC

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finding love after 40


Free SILVER DIY program



For the do it yourself-er in you!

For ultra-busy women, like you, who want to work at their own pace and are not ready for personal accountability and support with Dr. Dar and her team.




The whole enchilada

For women ready to take the plunge and want  full support in your dating journey and quest to find Mr. Right with personal sessions with Dr. Dar to fast track your success.