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Stop Being Single Course for Women Over 40

It’s frustrating to be smart, successful, and still single when you want to share your life with that special partner.

You’re not alone.

I was where you are…very successful in an upward mobile career but oh so sucky at relationships and love…time and time again, I would get in a relationship, have lots of fun in the first few months…and then the relationship would end…I repeated this pattern…that is until I chose to challenge the status-quo, the systems that were set up for me to fail time and time again (including advice from friends and family), and charted my own path for success.

Not your run of the mill dating advice for women

Dating the way you have done it is a set up for attracting what I call the miss-matches, the men who are not a fit for you…and you know it almost immediately.  Which is exactly why I want to teach you the skills it takes to have fun, get clear, be in control, save time, energy, and money…and ultimately find the love of your life!

My commitment and passion is to educate you on a proven formula to fix your picker and attract your soul mate.  I was single till the age of 34, dated many Mr. Wrong-for-me’s, and then I got off my butt, unlearned what I had been taught, and applied the principles I had used to succeed in my career to having the love and relationship I craved so much.  Voila, I met my soul mate within 6 weeks.  Sign up for the Free Silver Stop Being Single Course and let me show you a snippet of what I did to attract my Knight in Shining Armor!

Join me in the course and let’s create your real love story!

Dr. Dar gives Dating Advice for Women